Woman Says She Was Left in A & E for 8 Hours with Internal Bleeding

Patient Advice

A woman said she was truly left in A & E for around eight hours with an internal bleeding. Well, we will talk about this situation that we need to face these days. Our institutions must work properly because we depend on them.

The Royal Liverpool Hospital is an amazing institution with a rich history of performance and good things. Well, they just made a small mistake that we will talk about here, but we think that they can fix it as soon as possible too.

A woman was left bleeding for eight hours in the famous Royal Liverpool Hospital a couple of days ago. She was in agony and booked an appointment. She had to wait eight hours to be properly scanned while struggling to breathe. Can you believe this? Yes, this situation happened, and we have to do something about it as soon as possible. She was also clinging to the walls.

Amikka Redford received a bad treatment with all the frustration in the world. She booked an appointment and wanted to get the service. But she was referred back to where she was not intending to get the service over time. We have also to say that the Royal has to do something about its service because they make people wait too much. Since people have to wait for many hours, they – the hospital – have to fix this problem.

Amikka Redford had a ruptured ovarian cyst and she required to services of a specialist in this area. She underwent surgery after being transferred over to the appropriate place for this too. The Royal made a mistake because they did not take the thing seriously. This is the view of the woman who underwent surgery, and we need to think about it.

We have just talked about what Amikka Redford was going into these days. She is a woman with all the right to be treated fairly if she needs health care. But the problem is that she did not get what she deserved to get, and we have to expect a higher standard in order to avoid PALS NHS complaints in the future.

There are many potential Amikka Redfords out there, and we have to fix this problem as soon as possible. Our society needs to do something about it because this cannot go on this way because this will not work out in the long run. And we need to be happy here in the UK.